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Crypters.net - An Information Source on Crypters

If you are wondering how to find the best crypter, what the differences are between paid / free crypters, or just want to learn more about what a FUD crypter is and how it works, then Click Here to checkout crypters.net. There you can find answers to all of these questions and more. It is a great overall resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of crypting.

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DarkComet Crypter - FUD a Reliable Remote Admin Tool

Have you ever wondered what to FUD with CypherX? If you are a penetration tester, Darkcomet RAT would be a perfect choice. Darkcomet is one of the most popular RATs on the web because of it's stability and reliability. It also includes all the features needed to remotely control computers with ease: Darkcomet.

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Download The Crypter BluePrint Guide - Free Edition

This is an easy to read guide that teaches you the basics on how to create your own FUD crypter using traditional methods of obfuscation and encryption. The guide includes step by step instructions and pictures of real world examples. To download it for free, submit your email Here then check your email.

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A Better Solution.

We have taken a new approach that I would consider substantially more reliable than anything else I have seen, at solving the most essential challenge. The challenge of bypassing consistent antivirus updates. Right now the idea is a big one which would require more experienced developers which I cannot afford. So instead we created somewhat of a smaller scale POC for future demonstration purposes.

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CypherX Crypter Goal - Roadblocks and Solutions.

CypherX Crypter has taken many strides toward building a better kind of FUD crypter. This has lead us towards unorthodox technological approaches and down many unforeseeable paths. Our goal with CypherX Crypter has always been the same, to make something significantly better than any other software like it. We understand that this will require a fundamentally new way of thinking, which has caused us to run into many (anticipated) roadblocks but all our progress thus far has given us a great learning experience on how we can keep improving.

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The Purpose of This Blog.

The purpose of this blog will likely be to provide some brief updates and information for people interested in CypherX. All users of CypherX already receive emails with the latest updated news and information. Please do not expect posts here very often. There may only be one post per year.

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