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Warning: If you purchase with stolen credit cards or accounts, then we will harvest data from you to provide to your local authorities for criminal investigation and prosecution, the software will be remotely disabled, and the updating period canceled.

CypherX Basic
  • 5 Protected Files / Month
  • 6 Month License [1 Computer]
  • .NET Crypting Engine
  • Email Support
  • $47.99(Discounted)
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CypherX Lite
  • 20 Protected Files / Month
  • 1 Year License [1 Computer]
  • .NET & C++ Crypting Engines
  • Binder/Icon changer
  • Email Support
  • $97.99(Discounted)
  • Order Now
CypherX Pro
  • 50 Protected Files / Month
  • 2 Year License [3 Computers]
  • .NET & C++ Crypting Engines
  • File-Binder & Icon Changer
  • Crypter BluePrint Bonus Guide
  • Email/Chat/Teamview Support
  • $197.99(Discounted)
  • Order Now
CypherX Elite
  • Unlimited Protected Files
  • Unlimited License / Computers
  • Private Crypting Engines
  • Priority Private Updates
  • File-Binder & Icon Changer
  • Crypter BluePrint Bonus Guide
  • Priority Email/Chat/RDP Support
  • $497.99(Discounted)
  • Order Now
CypherX Master
  • Private CypherX Crypter
  • Custom Private RAT
  • Unlimited Usage
  • FUD or Money Back
  • $997.99(Discounted)
  • Order Now

What CypherX customers are saying:

“Just purchased and was activated within 15 minutes, he always has been, and as far as I care always will be a great seller.”

Shahid - Saudi Arabia

“Cypherx crypter is really the best.”

SSG - Chijiazhuang, Hebei, China

“Good communication, quick reply's etc. This crypter is worth every single penny you pay for it.”

Dorian - Greece

“Ok ladies and gentlemen, I used to use other crypter before but cypherX is the best by far, it even passed eset nod32 which I consider to be one of the better antiviruses...Just buy it!”

Christos - Athens, Greece

“I highly recommend this Crypter very nice support!” Good communication and very quick! if you have any questions or problems just ask! I am glad that I have bought this program."

Andre - Gifhorn, Germany

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is CypherX currently active and updated?

    Yes as of 2016 we actively keep CypherX updated. We have also been active for over 5 years now.

  • How do I receive CypherX after I buy?

    If you purchased with Paypal or Bitcoins, then you will receive an email containing your download link. If you purchased with a different payment method, you will need to confirm your purchase by using the contact form or email us (info@cypherx.org)

  • When will I recieve CypherX after I buy?

    Typically you will receive your download links via email within 10 minutes after purchase. If in rare case, your payment is suspected of fraud then it may take longer. You can always email us at info@cypherx.org if you need any assistance.

  • How do I create an account request?

    You need to request an account by clicking "get started / register" link within CypherX. (As directed in the instructions that you received through email). Activation can be immediate or can take up to 24 hours depending on if your payment is suspected of fraud.

  • How can I buy CypherX with a credit card?

    Choose the paypal payment method and within the page you will see an option to purchase with only a credit card. As shown here or here.

  • If I format my PC, how can I use CypherX again?

    Easy, just send us an email request (info@cypherx.org) and we will reset your license within 24 hours.

  • Is CypherX compatible with _ software?

    CypherX Crypter is created with compatibility in mind so it should be compatible with any kind of software including RATs, .NET files, and files that use EOF. The only type of software that CypherX is not compatible with at the moment are command line applications

  • What exactly is the Master Package RAT?

    The runtime protection of some AVs have been becoming strong enough to detect many types of RATs even if a crypter is used! Therefore, we made the Master package to fix this issue. The crypter and RAT (remote administration tool) were significantly modfiied to work together such that the crypter will automatically take over all the "main" functions of the RAT to ensure that all the most questionable processes (such as startup or install features) are undetectable by even the most proactive AV runtime protections. Additionally, the RAT was made to be very fast and lightweight to ensure reliability and great user experience. There is only a limited amount of copies available of this package to ensure maximum undetection (uniqueness) and quality support. For more details on features or feature request, please click here to contact us or email directly at info@cypherx.org

  • Does CypherX include free undetection updates?

    Yes, all packages do.

  • Can I upgrade my CypherX package after already buying?

    Yes. just send the difference in price. To upgrade using Paypal, email us (info@cypherx.org) to request an upgrade purchase link.

  • What is the difference between the basic package and other packages?

    Basic package bypasses the majority of all AV's. Around 80% of 35. The larger packages are 100% FUD, have longer undetection duration between re-undetection updates, and include more features such as file binder / icon changer, file compatibility, private crypting engines, and license expiration is longer.

Bonus Guide Included (Limited Time Only)

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