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Best Software for Small Business

If you are a business owner, you probably know how important it is to use all resources as optimal as possible. You probably also know that software and the digitalization of things in general eases up ta lot of the processes you do on a daily basis too. In fact, many developers work solely on creating helpful business software which companies pay for in huge numbers. But this doesn’t necessarily need to be like that – many of the business software can be reasonably priced and really helpful at the same time. Here are some of the suggestions we have that might ease up your finance processes and overall business functions:

  1. Slack

Slack is a great software for improving the overall communication between you, your employees and clients – as it helps you build a stronger team. It a simple software that allows real-time messaging in web browsers, mobile apps and desktop apps. You can also create different groups for special types of people (each sector or department from your company for instance). You can also share files using it.

  1. G Suite

G Suite is Google’s pack of web apps. This pack is especially designed for companies – and it has all the regular Gmail, Google Drive and Hangouts, with extras like contact management and calendars for better communication and organization. It is an extremely reliable software, however, it might be tough to master at first.

  1. Asana

If you and your team work on numerous projects at the same time, Asana is the best software for you. It helps you have impeccable project management!

  1. Xero

Finances can be really hard and time consuming, but this is just an obstacle that Xero overcomes easily. People really love how customizable the software is, so you can specify it according to your own spending and budget easily.

  1. Paypal

If you do payments on a regular basis, a Paypal will be your handy pal for this. It allows international payments with a few clicks of a button.