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Best Apps of 2019

Today we bring you a compilation of the best Android apps from 2019. We have tried to have a balanced list, with essential apps that are already veteran for newcomers to Android, but also some of the latest essentials for veteran users who want to explore.

In short, we also try to cover several types of categories so that you have almost everything covered. And yes, as at Xataka Basics we know that we may have left some that you consider better than those present or that you think deserves a chance, we invite you to leave your proposals to us in the comments section.

  1. ActionDash

Digital wellness is the tool created by Google on Android 9 foot to help us improve our digital habits, to disconnect more from our mobile. However, it is available on very few devices, and that is where the ActionDash app comes in to offer the same on any device with Android Lollipop or higher.

The tool allows you to keep track of how long you use each app you have installed on your mobile, how many notifications you have looked at, and how many times you have unlocked the device. The difference with the native app created by Google is that ActionDash is purely informative, and does not let you do any blocking.

  1. Canva

Instagram Facebook Stories, Pinterest, and many other social networks or online tools without having any idea how to use Photoshop. Canva is an application of templates with which you can easily create images for Instagram, Facebook Stories, Pinterest, and many other social networks or online tools. No ready-to-use designs, and just choose the one you like and use it with your photos and texts.

The app does so well that more than ten million downloads have already been accumulated, with an average score of 4.8 on Google Play. It offers up to 60,000 free templates created by professionals, so you have a wide variety to choose from among the designs that come closest to the style you want to offer.

  1. Citymapper

If you are going to travel for the first time to one of the major capitals of the world, it is only a must. You can set it up by choosing one of the capitals that you have available, and once you have done it, you can move around the city as if you were a local knowing all the possible public transport combinations. It works with your mobile, but also with Android Wear watches.

The routes will combine different public transports so that you can take a combination of buses, bus or metro, or merely metro. And in all this, you are guided step by step, with details such as telling you how many levels you have left to get to the platform where you have to get off to follow your journey and take the next link.

  1. Feedly

Today, Feedly remains one of the reference applications for those who need a full feed reader with good options to search, catalog, and review their blogs. It does so with a clear and straightforward interface, and although there are features that leave them for your payout version, the free one is more than enough for most.

Feedly allows you to create several groups to organize your feeds, and you can review them group by Group, source by source, and all at once. It also has an indicator that tells you when the articles belong to an exciting topic as if it were some sort of trending issues to know when a question of repercussion is being addressed. Also, you can create an account to use your feeds on both mobile and web versions.

  1. Firefox Focus

We all once enter a page where we don’t want to leave a trace, and Firefox Focus is possibly the best alternative for those cases. It is a browser whose mission is to maintain your privacy, and for this purpose, it blocks both ads and trackers on web pages, and every time it closes, it empties all cookies.

Its design is beautiful and very careful, although it has the disadvantage that despite allowing multitasking, it focuses mainly on navigation on a single tab. Still, it is an excellent application to carry on for occasional use, or even as a primary browser if you care about your privacy.